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Android TV is become popular and popular each day than any other TV boxes. It is because of its availability of apps and games. Just like Android phones, TV boxes too has the freedom of installing apps and games you like for free. For Android phones there are many third-party app stores like AC Market, Aptoide, APPVN, APKTime and more. Just like that Android TV boxes too has Google play store TV alternatives.

However, you can’t install app stores like AC Market on Android TV box. It is because Android phone app stores has only phone related apps and games. Not TV apps and games. Android phone apps are developed to work with touch screens. You can install them on your TV. But does not work as intended. Many uses external mouse to use those apps on TV. Many apps and games developers develop separate app or game for TV boxes. Those apps will work seamlessly with TV remote. If you use Android phone app store, you won’t be able to find TV version of those apps. It is always better to use TV app store.

There are not many TV app stores like for phone. Filelinked, Aptoide TV and APKTime are the best available app store. Those three app stores are different from one to another. Aptoide TV is like Play Store TV. Offers play store TV applications and play store phone apps and games. If you want to install Android phone application on TV, Aptoide TV is the best choice.

APKTime also has TV apps. It does not contain huge collection of apps like Aptoide TV. APKTime mainly focused on movies, TV shows, and sports apps. You can find free movies, TV shows apps on APKTime. All apps and games are maintained by APKTime itself.

Filelinked does not own any file available on stores. Filelinked stores are maintained by users all around the world. Use who created that specific store has full control. Therefore, make sure to install apps from trusted stores or Filelinked codes. You can find trusted Filelinked codes for Movies and TV shows app stores from YouTube and Facebook Groups. Many Android TV related YouTubers has their own Filelinked store. They use that store publish their favorite list of TV apps.

Filelinked is the best way to find all free Movies, TV shows, sports, News apps. Because it is maintained by users. Having many applications on your TV box may slow down its performance. Therefore, make sure to install junk remover application like Clean Master to remove unwanted files on your TV BOX to get more storage.

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