Google Search Trends Show Searches for Relaxation, Meditation, Breathing Exercises at All-Time High

People around the world are trapped in their homes with the spread of the coronavirus. This is a serious situation and because of this situation, people get stressed as they missed their free lifestyle, their jobs,  economic problems, some have to postpone their weddings and other special ceremonies, no permission for datings, and many more objections. In this situation, Google searching trends show that most of the people searching for relaxation, breaking exercises, meditation to reduce their stress.

There is no reason to surprise that in this quarantine period people feeling more stressed. So most of them searching stress releasing programs such as breathing exercises, mental relaxing programs, and many more organized programs dominating the search trends through Google last week. 

According to the search queries, people were searching for chill house music for relaxing, meditations, a peaceful mind, tips to calm down, and many more.

Self-care in the time of coronavirus is likely to be a lasting need. According to Google’s recent search trends, it shows  “how to decline” is a top-notch question. This is not only for this week.  It is not just for this week but also over the last 30 days.

Based on recent search trends it is clearly showing people globally are coping with Google during the COVID-19 outbreak. Google now released this week searching for trends to describe what people have searched rapidly for the past seven days. Here is a related deeper dive for week’s top search queries.

  1. Relaxation

In this pandemic period, people used to search for “relaxation”. As the best solution they looking for relaxing music to go through this tough period. When you search Google for relaxing music, there you can easily find several numbers of videos that support people to fallen with deep sleep, music for healing, and multiple calm music via youtube.   By the way there you can easily find specific videos that help you to focus on studies as well as for your work as now most of you begin work from home. 

There are other trending topics such as  “How to reduce stress and relax the mind?”, “deeply relaxing” and “massage muscles for relaxing”.  

  1. Meditation

Such as relaxing, Meditation is another trending topic that becomes more popular these days. People used to search for online meditation programs. According to the search giant, meditation being search over millions of times than ever. For relaxation, meditation proves results ab it was practised in many more religions as well. 

  1. Breathing exercises

Unbelievable numbers of people searching for breathing exercises all over the quarantine period. Here Google provides several exercises such as one-minute easy breathing exercises several modules. Here it will allow reducing the stress levels. 

How to organize, calm down and inner peace is another trending search in Google these days and all those ways allow people to stay home and keep peace of the mind without having stress.

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