Gmail’s latest update makes it easier to change the look of your inbox

Google now introduced another latest update to change the look of the user inbox. So this update makes users easier to work within a simple and clear interface.  In the Gmail app there you can easily catch a collection of hidden settings. But now with the new development, Google introduced a collection of mercurial settings. It offers plenty of opportunities and sampling solutions. All those facilities allow us to adjust and maintain the glance of the Gmail inbox.  So now it is no need to be messy while using the Gmail application. 

When the new tweak is received to your account, it will automatically activate. So there is no need to follow up instructions to install the new tweak as it will automatically update. Now users no need to search for further visual changes that you have done to your inbox.   

More about Gmail’s latest update 

Basically, the new Gmail update contains an easy and fast setting menu option. So users have the freedom to easily change all the information that is displayed between default, compact, or comfortable. This pattern allows you to manage emails according to priorities in your inbox.  The other option creates a reading pane, so users have the opportunity to easily search emails without opening. The content allows you to get an idea about the email. So you do not need to open each email to find what you were searching for. 

The other important thing is, because of this new update users can adjust the app to several themes using this fast and interesting settings menu.  

More about the new update 

This latest mercurial settings menu displays on the top allotment in your Gmail window. 

Here you can make vacation responses such as out-of-place while work time. Here Google imposed links to connect them together from the menu of the start settings and this is the only new feature added to the latest Gmail update. It was introduced in the press release conference.  However it is, this is one of the most interesting features that increase the functionality of the email app rather than the earlier times. 

This latest update targetly releases for all the personal Gmail accounts as well as worldwide G Suite customers. This is for users those who are members of Google’s rapid-release track corporations. So in this hurry do not wait for this latest fast setting menu as most of the workplaces may be using the track version of Google scheduled.  So this fast settings menu will not appear until the last days of June. 

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