Microsoft Surface Book 3 (15-inch) REVIEW

After two and half years later of the official release of the Microsoft Surface Book 2(15-inch), the company could be able to introduce the new 15-inch Microsoft Surface Book 3 to the general public.  The previous Microsoft Surface Book 2  was widely refined over the device original model that was released five years ago.  Because of this reason for the newer Microsoft Surface Book 3, Users hopefully waiting for a large collection of newbie features withholding several changes. 

Microsoft Surface Book 3 (15-inch) REVIEW

But when comparing both Microsoft Surface Book 2 and Microsoft Surface Book 3 there does not have a vast collection of changes.  So you will be easy to work with the new device although it is the latest one. 

More about Microsoft Surface Book 3

The physical look of both devices, Microsoft Surface Book 3 and Microsoft Surface Book 2 is identical. So while looking at the device you cannot easily identify Book 2 or Book 3. But inside there you can catch several changes, few modifications, updates for 2020. Microsoft Surface Book 3 design with powerful GPUs, new Intel processor, 32 GB RAM, and some models include faster SSDs. 

The newer Microsoft Surface Book 3 price starts from $2,299.99.  Several models come in several price changes. The device has  32GB RAM beginning from $2,799.99  up to 512GB of storage.

According to Microsoft, they focused on the new device’s technological features with on power. Here the company added a higher GPU base power to the display. Although it is advanced, I do not have an idea about users who are looking for such powerful display functionality.  So the new Microsoft Surface Book 3 can be introduced as a powerful and great laptop.  The Microsoft Surface Book can always be defined as a unique device, a unique machine for a unique audience. 

The new Microsoft Surface Book 3 includes,

  • GPU performance
  • A great keyboard
  • 3:2  and 4K display

Microsoft Surface Book 3 should improve with,

  • GPU reliability
  • Battery life
  • Thunderbolt 3 support
  • Hinge detach 

Everything you should know about Microsoft Surface Book 3

As mentioned above the older Surface Book 2 is identical with the original Surface Book. For the latest Microsoft Surface Book 3 there we cannot find anything changed. As usual, Microsoft uses 4K display which means 3240 x 2160 with a 3:2 typical ratio aspect on device surfaces. 

This amazing display is better to work with documents, photos, videos, and other official or non-official purposes.  The auto-brightness switch feature is always not working properly, but you can work very well using it.  Microsoft Surface Book 3 connects with the fulcrum hinge of the base unit of the device where the trackpad, discrete GPU, and keyboard housed.

The typing facility has not changed with the new Microsoft Surface Book 3. The keyboard works very well and the usual trackpad also does not change anymore. But the company has an opportunity to make some changes with trackpad something like far bigger such as the other Apple and Dell Companies do with their 15-inch machines. 

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