Facebook’s Redesigned Desktop Site With Dark Mode Now Rolling Out to All Users Worldwide

Facebook finally improved the desktop design and now it is available globally. Last March facebook begins to introduce this latest design for the majority of people and now it widely across allover the world in a rush.  The design was interesting and it was officially confirmed and announced in the last year F8. Finally, it introduced the most precious Dark Mode and other user-friendly facilities. So this new mode could able to fix user performances as well as the user attraction.   

When deeply concerned about the latest design, now with the new look of your desktop design you feel more flexible. Then it is faster than earlier updates and easy to use. Facebook has the most formal navigation access and it enables users the ability to easily identifying several games, multiple videos, and groups. 

According to the users, they said all the transitions between the homepage and other pages loading much faster with this new update. So now users will have the same experience that similar to the mobile experience while they are using the desktop version.

The new desktop design- For whom? 

According to Facebook, this latest desktop version supports millions of worldwide users.  The new web design is an interesting update and for desktop users, this will be a great opportunity. Using the new design now you can enjoy the new dark mode that toggles you to switch to the new grey color scale. Here you can easily find the dark mode toggle key in the top right corner in the drop-down menu.  This allows for reducing eye strain. 

In the lest side you can see a sidebar. It allows users to get access to Messenger Chat, including user profile link, the page of COVID-19 Information, and there are many more. The list of friends flows to the right and takes up all the available space in the middle of nutrition.

In the top panel, there you can easily find the latest “+” sign. It allows users to create several life events or posts such as pages, groups, several ads, and create events on Facebook. It supports users to preview new groups in real-time and see how it looks like. You can find a new watch section list of recommended videos that depends on your history as well as likes. 

The new Gaming option which is on the top panel linked to a collection of games. So users can play games even without leaving Facebook.   The other important thing is, the chat window in the user profile also redesigned. 

Finally, most of the facilities modified or redesigned. So you can enjoy thousands of facilities here with the new update. So try it now! 

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