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To manage all of your storage devices from your smartphone, tablet, PC, or even NAS server using ZArchiver, this is an excellent solution. It provides the ability to back up and restore files from any location. By dragging and dropping files onto the interface, you may move, copy, upload, download, or rename them. Alternatively, you can arrange the settings to automatically back up any file in your home folder to an external location. Using ZArchiver, you can also back up and restore apps from the cloud as well. The free version of the app has a limited amount of backups (3 items), but you can upgrade to remove these limits. The most intriguing feature is setting an automatic backup with the application. ZArchiver will operate in the background to ensure that your devices are protected automatically once the option is activated.


 ZArchiver for Windows

Apps for extracting and solving files on the internet range from simple to primary and do not provide a complete answer. Zarchiver is a file archive manager and extractor explicitly designed for Android, iPhone, and PC. Zarchiver can extract, archive, and create just about any file type. Using this Android app, you may compress, decompress, and remove data from virtually any compressed format. It’s an all-in-one utility that can compress zip files in every file type you can imagine.

In terms of decompression or extraction of files, Zarchiver is a more capable tool than WinZip. Extraction from compressed archives can be performed from a broader range of file systems than those recommended for compression. If you don’t want to pay money on a zip file management tool for Android or Windows, this is the one. When it comes to Zarchiver’s extra features, we should mention that it supports password-protected files. Zarchiver allows you to extract or decompress files that you have archived and compressed on your PC or laptop using a password so that you can recover on the move quickly. This allows you to decompress your compressed file partially. Zarchiver pro, for example, allows you to extract portions of your archived files.

This additionally supports and manages file types 001.002.

For iOS

If installed correctly, Zarchiver can be used on iOS devices. On iOS, it does not slow down as other apps do. Due to the lack of special software for compressing and decompressing data, Zarchiver ios was developed exclusively for iOS devices. For iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, there is a Zarchiver app. If you already have astride installed on your phone, you can quickly download this app. Zarchiver must be installed for you to use the program. Minimalistic in terms of size, the software also includes a miniature version. To compress files, there is an instruction. It is possible to download and install a different version of Zarchiver if it does not function. The iPhone has a plethora of apps at its disposal.

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