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Alight Motion is an Android video editing application that is used to create moving images. This application is also equipped with an animation maker feature with high quality.

alight motion app

This application can make it easier for you to edit videos, adjust the color of visual effects, create moving graphics and add other elements such as audio, images, text and others. Video results that have been edited with this application can also be exported to MP4 or GIF format. You need to know, that this application consists of 2 versions, namely the pro version and the free version. To be able to use all these features, you have to use the pro version, which is quite expensive.

The Pro version of Alight Motion for android has advantages such as all premium features being unlocked and video editing results without a watermark. With this application, users can easily create motion picture designs.

Alight Motion APP Features

Chroma Key Added

Before Chroma Key facility was available only in computer paid software, but after the launch of Alight Motion you get the full freedom to use this feature. With Chroma Key tool, users can remove the background of a video. It is mostly used in action movies which are shot on Green Background, and then it is placed at the location with just software. The same you can also perform in mobile phone with this app and tool. Just shoot a video with green background and by chroma key all your background materials will be removed and only your body will be visible.

No Watermark

In free version, one major issue occurred with users that it was leaving a watermark made with Alight Motion, which doesn’t looks good. Especially when you are making something professional. So we have managed to remove this and get rid of the brand watermark that left on the video. It means by downloading our modified version of the app you won’t need to pay for premium version to remove watermark. Sometimes watermark looks weird, but in most of the cases we never like to have a video in which any watermark is left.

Ads Removed

Another one big issue for the users with free version is advertisement that keeps on appearing to disturb user’s attention. Sometimes a few advertisements are a bit destructive due to which we lose our focus and attention from the project on which we were working hard to complete ASAP. So for this our team has put some extra effort to remove this too and managed and brought this modified version without any ad. In the premium subscription there are no advertisement because they take money for this.

Export Video In Highest Quality Available

Every viewer watching a video or film, they demand the highest video quality with clear visuals. But any application available for mobile are not that much sufficient to export video in the highest quality. Rarely any application gives the export quality of 1080p or 4K. But the beauty of Alight Motion, it has the both the 1080p and 4K export feature. But exporting in such high quality might affect your device performance, so it is advised to render your video in min quality in which it is clearly visible and viewer don’t complaints about it.

Premium Effects Unlocked

As I have already described, this app is just amazing and its premium filters as well as effects are stunning that can add beauty inside any kind of non-professional videos in just a few taps. Here we have unlocked all the premium effects which are locked only for premium subscription users in this free modified version of the app. Our developers have done a really great job in unlocking these premium subscription effects and brought it to you. Effect has the power to change the scene of any video in just a few taps. It has almost all kinds of premium effects which are suitable for any types of video. Even if you are a non-creative person, these effects and premium filters of Alight motion will make your simple videos look remarkable.

Is alight motion only for android?

No, Alight Motion is not only for Android devices, and you can use it on other operating systems like Windows and iOS. But the modded version of Alight Motion APK that I share in this post can only be used only on Android devices.

How can I get free alight motion premium membership?

It is impossible to get alight motion premium membership unless you have a big discount offer. But you can access all the premium features for free after downloading the alight motion premium apk from the download section of this post.

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