Is the Poco F2 Pro still the ultimate flagship killer? 

The re-launch of the Poco F1 in 2018 has revolutionized the borders. The phone strongly undercut the competition and introduced high-end specs at unheard of prices. Not surprisingly, then, the phone has developed a culture of hoarding for a successor.

Is the Poco F2 Pro still the ultimate flagship killer

After more than a year of radio silence, Poco finally parted ways with Xiaomi earlier this year. Then it was re-emerged to an independent brand with Poco X2. This is a mid-range phone and Poco X2 was not the most successor for the Poco F1 although everyone had hoped for.

The Poco X2 is not the Pocophone that you looking for.  But it is okay as the new Pocophone is opening to release in further days. Nearly later five months. This is the most-awaited new Poco F2 Pro.  It includes Quad-camera packaging, powered by Snapdragon 865 looks promising,  OLED screen-toting, and something different during around the time. The latest phone embodies every facility that included in the earlier Poco F1 and it is running with the realities to make a success those current expectations.

Now you can easily buy Poco with the first generation hardware and a little bit higher price. The Pocophone earlier one, F1 was available for €329 (~$356). In India, you can easily buy it for Indian rupees 21,000. But the more Poco F2 Pro begins with a higher price of € 499 (~ $ 539  and in India it is available for  Indian rupees  40,500. Then it expanded for the higher end variant and goes up to € 599 (~ $ 647 / Indian rupees 48,800). It is a price increase and breaks a few feathers.

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To get an idea about prices,  search the device from several perspectives. The earlier Pocophone F1 was built with a plastic build and it designed the camera with 12MP + 5MP setup. There you can easily see the display is not a fully great one. Today, buyers no longer want to deal with compromises.

Various Poco F2 Pro colors

The Poco F2 Pro is a revival that is worth a try to get the current generation of flagships. The glass and metal design should not only be eye-catching but also feel amazing while on your hand.  By the way, it has a significantly improved camera system, An OLED screen, support for NFC, headphone jack, and a Snapdragon 865 chipset really make the phone look like a good deal.

Poco F2 Pro-  In Europe

Although not yet it has a household name, the Realm X50 Pro is the most obvious competitor for the Poco F2 Pro in Europe according to the terms of price-performance ratio. Furthermore,  Realme makes this  Poco’s formula better and prices start from  €599 or £569 in the UK.  However, it is, Realm X50  design with a higher price, and the display is designed with a 90Hz.  

Rather than the Poco F2 Pro’s telephoto macro lens, the phone throws a 12MP telephoto lens, and it is very well useful.  Even if it’s not all pink, having a headphone jack is a real deal for you.

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