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Android TVs are now becoming the main platform for entertainment in most of the households over the globe. This is the ultimate hub that we all would prefer to watch movies and shows.  But where to find your movies and shows? Are you tired of scrolling to find your favorite movies and shows? Here is the key. JustWatch App. One of the must have app for your Android TV.

Justwatch aptoide TV

What is JustWatch App for Android TV?

If you want a personal streaming guide you are at the right place. JustWatch is the perfect streaming guide you can have in your large screen of the Android TV. This exposes you to an endless possibility of movies and shows over different streaming platforms. This provides you with the information regarding best movies and shows as well as where to find them. You can easily find something to watch with the help of this brilliant app JustWatch.

Features of JustWatch App for Android TV

1. Combined Search

If you have JustWatch then no more jumping between apps to find what you want. This allows you to explore a vast catalog of movies and TV shows across multiple streaming platforms in one go. Simply enter the title, and JustWatch does the rest, presenting you with all streaming options available.

2. Personalized Watchlist

With the personalized watchlist feature of the app you can keep track of what you want to watch. You can easily add movies and shows to your list. Plus, the app will notify you when they become available on your preferred streaming platforms. I am sure with this cool feature you can say goodbye to the fear of missing out on the latest releases.

3. Filters and Sorting Options

With the smart filters and sorting options here you can narrow down your search based on genres, release years, and even ratings. This let you to find the perfect movie for your mood without the hassle of endless scrolling.

4. Price Comparison

This is one of the cool features of the app that most of the users love. If you want to where you can watch a movie for free or at the best price this is the one for you. With its price comparison feature you surely can save your hard-earned money by making informed streaming choices.

How to Install JustWatch Using Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV is one of the largest third-party App Store that includes almost all the apps you would love to explore. Hence, download JustWatch using Aptoide TV will make it an easy and a quick process.

  1. Install Aptoide TV
Aptoide TV

If you still do not have Aptoide TV installed on your Android TV, start by downloading and installing it. Aptoide TV is a reliable alternative to the Google Play Store, offering a variety of apps, including JustWatch.

  1. Search for JustWatch

Open Aptoide TV and use the search bar to find the JustWatch app. Once you locate it, click on the app icon to access its details.

  1. Install JustWatch

Click on the “Install” button to initiate the installation process. Aptoide TV will handle the download and installation seamlessly.

  1. Open JustWatch

Once installed, navigate to your Android TV home screen and find the JustWatch app. Open it, and you’re ready to explore a world of streaming possibilities.

If you want to experience a hassle-free streaming then JustWatch is for you. download this nice tool on your Android TV and start your streaming journey in a whole new way.  Make your streaming experience a smoother one with JustWatch now.

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