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FlipaClip is the best application among story creating applications. You can now download it to your Mobile or PC very easily. Flipaclip can also mention a popular animation tool that helps users make movie animations and create cartoons.


Suppose you are willing to create anime movies, animating, storyboarding sketching. In that case, Flipaclip is the most useful and recommended application to do your task perfectly without any doubt. Since Flipaclip is designed with the entire needy things to do animating, you need not search for other apps and waste your precious time.

You can now download and install the latest version of Flipaclip, which is, 2.4.8 released on the 6th of November 2020. You can download it for 31.99 Mb easily from its official website or else from the internet. Moreover, Flipaclip supports any popular platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and many more. So you can share your content on any platform and make them popular among everybody.

Features of Flipaclip

Flipaclip includes various kinds of features that help users draw their drawings most effectively using these tools. These specific tools increase the quality of the picture and also the tool performances.

Plenty of drawing tools are included

  • There are plenty of tools needed for drawings, such as brushes, Filler, Eraser, Ruler shapes, lasso, Insert texts with multiple fonts, and many more.
  • You can paint on canvas according to your customized sizes.
  • The Stylus Pens such as Samsung S Pen and SonarPen are supported.

Many Animation Layers

You can draw on layers and add up to three layers. But if you need to add more layers, Flipaclip has a premium version that supports adding around ten layers.

Various kinds of video animation tools

You can animate your video frame by frame easily using Flipaclip Tools. There are specific tools you can use to do those tasks. Such as the Onion Skin animating tool, Animation Frames viewer, and many more.

Facility to create videos with audios

  • You can create, edit, and add audio clips to your animation video up to 6 free audio tracks.
  • You can also voice records and add them to the dialogues of your anime cartoons.
  • You can cost-effectively import your audio files and use them in the videos you create.

Facility to create animated photos and videos

Flipaclip allows you to draw animated photos and create animated videos using the app.

Share your creativity

You can post your Anime Videos on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

You can share your creative movies and videos with friends.

New Features with the latest update

  • You can now directly share your animations on TikTok
  • Now you can doubtlessly play audios and add audios to your animation contents since Flipaclip has fixed playback issues on the audio library.


Flipaclip is a fantastic app to use by drawing lovers and Anime Moviemakers. This is specially used by many professional cartoon makers and the ones who draw cartoons as their hobby.

Since Flipaclip supports any devices, Android devices, IOS devices, and PC Devices, the users using any platform can improve their creativity without a doubt.


Does Flipaclip cost money?

Flipaclip is an entirely free application where you can download it from the internet or its official website. Yet, if you are needed many layers and want to experience more features, you can buy Flipaclip’s premium version for $15.

Can I download Flipaclip to PC?

Absolutely. Flipaclip supports any devices, Android devices, IOS devices, and PC Devices; the users using any platform can improve their creativity without a doubt.

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